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Mixtapes are touring in May!

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2007-01-31 Aerial - The Sentinel is out today!
It is out today! In stores on the 5th and reviews are starting to drop in. Seems like people from all over are embracing the 2nd album from Aerial. Uppsala Nya Tidning gave them 4 of 5 Read You get this gem for only 80 Skr and that is including shipping. If you want it straight to your computer/ipod etc you can download the album from Klicktrack (iTunes, Audio Lunchbox, Nimson etc coming soon!)
If you will not listen to me than please take Avi Roig´s (Its atrap!) word for it..."Aerial's new album "The sentinel" is so good, it makes me want to cry. If I was in an aspiring post-rock band and I heard this record, I would sell my instuments and quit music. If there's any album that deserves the adjective "face-melting", it's this one. Right out of the gate, it roars like some unholy hybrid of Mono and Emperor crossed with Him Kerosene. Epic barely begins to describe it. Soaring dual guitars, a vast, dramatic vision and a recording that blends them together perfectly. When I first heard this, my brain barely recognized it as a band - it sounds more like a single entity than four separate people. I imagine Aerial as some inhuman living/breathing thing from which this amazing music emanates. Eventually the parts become more distinct, but the magic never dissipates. I was shocked that Aerial could top last year's "Black rain from the bombing" so easily, I will be even more shocked if anyone else releases something this year even approximately this good. Right now Aerial is untouchable." 9 of 9
And that is Not enough! Courtesy of Nomethod and It´s a trap! we give a new MP3 from the album, entitled You will all die, all things will

2007-01-21 Mixtapes & Cellmates debut album and some shows
Mixtapes & Cellmates album have been mixed and is now going to be mastered before its sent off to the plant. The album contains 10 really strong songs. Before the album release we will release a 2 track Free digital single. The first single is called "Quiet" and the B-side is a remix of the same song, remix by Cat Burglar. Mixtapes & Cellmates will be premiering some new songs live on the 27th of Jan at Debaser (Slussen), do not miss! See flyer here. In other Mixtapes news...The Mixtapes album have been licensed to Italian label Myhoney Records who will release the album in Italy. Good news for all Italians as the interest for Mixtapes & Cellmates is getting bigger & bigger in Italy! Album artwork & tracklist will be posted soon! Aerial will also be doing some shows in Sweden this winter in support of their new album "The Sentinel". On Jan 24th they will be playing in Uppsala at Grand. Do not miss!

2007-01-03 Aerial pre orders!
We start the new year by opening up for pre orders of the new Aerial album! You can pre order from our webshop or from the Dotshop page. New Aerial pins comes with every order from our store! When pre ordering you will get the album in your postbox 1 week before the date it lands in stores. On January 31 it will also be available from iTunes, Klicktrack, Nimson, Emusic, Audio Lunchbox to name a few! We recommend Nimson who have the best prices! The Sentinel is going out to press, radio etc in a few days, wanna help us out getting it some radio airplay? Get in touch and get free stuff.
Dont forget that the 1st single "My god it´s full of stars" is FREE for download!

The Sentinel will soon be available in Europe and the US aswell. Releasedate in EU is March 2nd via Hausmusik and you people in the US will be able to get it from It´s a trap! on January 31! Touring...keep eyes peeled for some Swedish dates aswell as a tour of Germany this spring!

2006-12-15 Aerial are No 1
Our first signing Aerial was chosen Nr 1 Album of 2006 over at It´s a trap! Black rain from the bombing is an amazing album and if you still havent got it...get it. It´s a trap says "It came out in January and stuck with me throughout the entire year. That alone says something. As for the music, it's an amazing display of epic bombast and twisting riffs. Why can't more post-rock be noisy like this?". We agree. In other Aerial news, pre orders for The Sentinel will start January 5th! Their bombastic 2nd album comes in a nice digipak. YES!
2006-11-24 Aerial releasedate set & digital single released
The Sentinel will be released in Scandinavia on January 31st (same date as BRFTB 1 year ago), it is a mindblowing 2nd album and everything seems to go Aerials way these days. Aerial will start touring on the new album in January. Both Sweden, Europe and hopefully some more exotic places! To give you some kind of idea what the new album is like we´re releasing a FREE single today! The song is called "My god it´s full of stars" and it is the 2nd song on "The Sentinel". It is Really hard to just choose one song from this album and treat it as a single, well it is impossible because this whole album needs to be listened to from start to finish. However...check out the "single". It´s Free, so spread it around! It comes in a zip file with a printable cover aswell! Direct link:

2006-11-17 Mixtapes & Cellmates start recording their debut album
Mixtapes & Cellmates will enter the studio on Monday to record their debut album. Oskar Sandlund (David Sandström Overdrive) will record & produce the album in David Sandströms new studio located in small village Ånäset just outside of Umeå. Expect some guests on this album, David Sandström will lay down some drums for example. We are really excited that the Mixtapes will finally do the album and we have no doubt that it will be one of the finest releases in 2007. Before the album is released we will release a Free net release EP with some B-sides and the first single from the album! This Free EP is set for release in January and the album is set for release early February!

2006-11-08 Aerial - The Sentinel new album tracklist and more
The release of the 2nd album with Aerial is coming up! We are happy to announce that Aerial have signed a license deal for their new album with Japan label Thomason Sounds/Impartmaint Inc. And they will release the new album in Japan on December 13th! A month later it will be released in Sweden, Scandinavia, GAS. An exact releasedate for Europe coming soon! Look out for teasers before the month of November is over. Maybe even a digital single although choosing ONE song from this album is nearly impossible. This album really is ONE whole album. And it is AMAZING. Check it! If you want to hear some of this stunning music live we can announce that Aerial will support MONO on their Stockholm show at Lava/Kulturhuset on November 15th!

Aerial - The Sentinel CD
Nomethod Records / Dotshop - Scandinavia
Nomethod Records / Hausmusik - Europe
Thomason Sounds / Impartmaint Inc - Japan/Asia
1. Heads gone
2. My god it´s full of stars
3. 46th street
4. Walk with me
5. You will all die, all things will
6. Youth and student travel
7. The dark star deleters
8. Secret godess
9. Spark-lit stairs
Bonus track for Japan/Asia
Fuji (featuring The Giant´s dream)

2006-10-27 Mixtapes & Cellmates on Soundvenue sampler and more shows
Mixtapes & Cellmates are featured on the new Soundvenue sampler that comes with the magazine. It´s out now and the song is C: you D: road home. Mixtapes are also playing some more liveshows Nov 10 in Stockholm at Club Devolution, Nov 16 in Linköping at Herrgårn (with Juni Järvi), and Dec 2nd in Gävle at Intakto (with Aerial). Keep your eyes open for a package tour after the new year! Nomethod will go on the road together with Klubb Modos and Mixtapes & Cellmates. Dates will be listed soon!

2006-10-10 Aerial are back from tour
The Sentinel, The Sentinel, The Sentinel, The Sentinel, The Sentinel...yes, The Sentinel is the 2nd album from Aerial. They´ve gone ahead and made a brilliant symphonic rock album. Don´t know how it happened but it is so frakkin good. Don´t expect alot of similarities to Black rain from the bombing. And yes Aerial came home from tour in Germany, Denmark & Austria. This is what they brought back home!

2006-10-10 The Giants dream & It´s a trap!
The Giants dream have their new EP out on It´s a trap! netlabel. The EP is called Aeons Bygone and is a great piece of work! The EP contains 8 songs and you can download it for FREE here! You should also check out this lengthy interwiev with Joakim from The Giants dream & Aerial at It´s a trap! In other news....Mixtapes are getting ready to hit the studio to record their much anticipated debut fullength album! Aerial have just finished their 2nd album called The Sentinel...and it is nothing short of mindblowing...more info on The Sentinel SOON!

2006-09-19 Aerial European tour & Mixtapes Swedish shows
Aerial are kicking off their Europen tour on October 6th! See THIS FLYER or our shows page for all the dates. And do not miss them live! The tour is being presented by Kumpels and friends and Hookah Magazine. Mixtapes & Cellmates new EP "If there is silence" is doing really well, we are aiming for a repress before christmas! (a nomethod record) and their FREE EP "Longing remixed" have been downloaded over 600 times now. Some more good rewiews are dropping in and people seem to talk about this EP alot. Here´s what HD had to say about it, and what thought about it and Swedesplease talking about the remix EP aaand what Shaktar had to say about it (7 of 10 but they liked the Longing remixed better) And yes THIS great rewiew in Collective giving them a full score!! Mixtapes are doing some Swedish shows this fall, check out the shows section.

2006-09-05 Mixtapes & Cellmates - If there is silence fill it with longing OUT NOW!
The EP of the year is out now. Go get it at your local store or order via our Webshop or via Dotshop. Do not miss their releaseparty at Pet Sounds Bar tonight aswell. Entrance is FREE and they go onstage around 20.30. Mixtapes & Cellmates will put the finishing touches to their debut album in November. More info on that soon!

2006-09-01 Download Mixtapes & Cellmates - Longing remixed EP for FREE
Mixtapes & Cellmates - Longing remixed (nomethod 8) is out now! This is an EP with 3 remixes from Cat Burglar, Bauri & Tsukimono! There are slo 2 additional songs "Photo Jenny" a Belle & Sebastian cover plus an unreleased song from Mixtapes & Cellmates called "A moment ago you walked through that door". Best par´s FREE! Yes, download it, enjoy it, spread it!

1. A quiet evening (remix by Cat Burglar)
2. C: You D: Road home (Remix by Bauri)
3. Something less than last time (Remix by Tsukimono)
4. Photo Jenny (Belle and Sebastian cover)
5. A moment ago you walked through that door

Link to the Longing remixed EP:

Also....the "If there is silence fill it with longing" EP will hit stores on Sep 4! Order via our Webshop or (international).

2006-08-23 Mixtapes & Cellmates releaseparty DATE CHANGED!
The releaseparty date is changed from the 6th to the 5th of September! Be there! Here is what Västerbottens Folkblad thought about the EP (In Swedish) 4 out of 5!
Aerial are recording, mixing, making noise for their 2nd album, they are almost finished and the stuff we have heard so far sound amazing. We will be carrying the debut album from Tar...Feathers in our Webshop soon, we expect the records to arrive this week. Note this is not a Nomethod release, it is released by fantastic label Release the bats, but we Love the Tar...Feathers album and this will probably be the only non Nomethod release we will carry in our Webshop. Highly recommended!
Update: More Mixtapes & Cellmates press! Read this interview (in swedish)
2006-08-15 Mixtapes & Cellmates Releaseparty at Pet Sounds Bar / Stockholm
We´re holding a releaseparty for Mixtapes & Cellmates at the Pet Sounds Bar in Stockholm on September 6th! Doors open at 19.00 and the band will be onstage at 20.30. The party continues until 01.00 with DJ´s and whatnot. We would LOVE to see you there! Don´t be late!
Check out what The Cricket had to say about the EP! 7 of 10!
Releaseparty Flyer

2006-08-10 Dotshop
You can now Pre Order your Mixtapes & Cellmates copy via Dotshop aswell. They take international orders aswell! We are getting alot of Mixtapes pre orders and we do our best to keep up! Thanks for showing such a great response to this great EP! The "Longing remixed" EP which also contains 6 songs will be FREE for download starting September 1st.

2006-08-07 Mixtapes & Cellmates Pre orders start NOW!
Pre Orders start today! Get your copy of this fantastic EP. Mixtapes & Cellmates are destined for Great things and this EP is the first step towards indie immortality. It contains 6 jawdroppers. It will hit stores on September 1st. Pre order your copy now and you´ll have it in your mailbox before it is in stores! We also have a new Webshop thanks to Daniel Pettersson & Joel. Thank you!

2006-07-13 Mixtapes & Cellmates EP release coming up!
The Mixtapes CD´s just landed and the both look and sound perfect! It will be out in stores on September 1st but you will be able to PRE ORDER it from our site next week (via a popup e-card or just via emailing us ( The 6 song EP will also be available via iTunes and Klicktrack the exact same date. We´re getting great feedback on the EP so be sure to get your copy! The EP is distributed by Dotshop in Scandinavia and Hausmusic in the rest of the world! Fantastic. In addition to the new EP "If there is silence fill it with longing" Mixtapes & Cellmates will also release a FREE EP with remixes from "If there is silence..." plus a really really great cover of a not so unknown Belle & Sebastian song. This FREE EP is called "Longing remixed" and will be Nomethod release number 8! You will be able to download for FREE including cover art from this site and iTunes, Klicktrack and many more on September 1st.
Mixtapes & Cellmates Myspace competition time!
Add the song "c: you d: road home" from our Myspace profile to your Myspace profile and you´ll be in the running for winning the EP in both CD and MP3 format! Competition lasts until September 1st! When you have added the song to your profile either email us ( or Message us at Myspace. Simple as that!
Mixtapes & Cellmates will tour Sweden in September. If you want them in your club/venue/town. Contact their agency Monstera
We will be out of the office for a while (Aug 5th) BUT we can always be reached on Replys might be a little bit slower though.
FEST-I-VAL! Yes, we´re also co-arranging a Festival in August! Tickets are going and going, we only release 400 pre sale tickets! bands playing are Andy Bell (Oasis/Ride), Mattias Alkberg BD, Paddington DC, Aerial, Sickoakes, Cat Burglar. DJ´s are Folkets Jubel & Stina + Hugo from Community. More info at Get your ticket NOW!!!

2006-06-21 QGMR at Absolute noise, Aerial tour, The Giant´s Dream in Japan
QGMR are getting noticed at quite a few music blogs right now. Absolute noise has the latest story. You can now also find the No Language EP with QGMR at iTunes, eMusic, Audio Lunchbox, Nimson and many more digital stores. We still have a few copies left of their great EP. Get it!
Reminder! Help us out with some Aerial shows! Check out the shows page!
The Giant´s Dream are currently working on both their debut album and a release for Japan label Duotone records who will release a 3" CD with the band! If you havent checked out their Idiomatic Allograph release on Nomethod, do so now! It recently got this NICE review at Itsatrap!

2006-06-13 Another Mixtapes & Cellmates show in Stockholm and more digital distribution
Yes, Mixtapes & Cellmates will play Berns on Friday. Do not miss! We have also signed a deal with Nimson. A new Swedish digital music download service. They have their recommended section on Aerial right now and alot of Nomethod stuff.

2006-06-01 Mixtapes & Cellmates...soon!
We´re sending off the new Mixtapes & Cellmates EP to the pressingplant today. This EP is nothing short of brilliant. Here´s the deal, Pre-orders start on August 11, it will be in stores on September 1st in Scandinavia (Dotshop) and the rest of Europe (Hausmusik) also on September 1st. Even though we have about 3 months left before it is out in stores some writers can´t hold back that long. Read this rewiev (in Swedish) on the "If there is silence, fill it with longing" EP....9 out of 10. Good start. Update! Mixtapes & Cellmates will play at the Popaganda Festival afterparty on the 4th of June at Debaser. Do not miss!

2006-05-30 Fest-i-val
Check out the festival we are part of arranging on August 11-12! Bands that will play are Andy Bell (Ride/Oasis), Mattias Alkberg BD, Paddington DC, Aerial, Sickoakes and Cat Burglar. More info at Fest-i-val or

2006-05-23 The Bearquartet - Saturday Night 12" now out via Hausmusik
People of Germany (and rest of EU). You can now get the Bearquartet 12" in your local store! Ask your local record store to order in this brilliant piece of vinyl from our main distributor Hausmusik. You can also order it directly from Hausmusik´s own webshop, shipping will be cheaper if you live outside of Sweden but still in the EU. If there is one vinyl record you should get this year, it is The Bearquartet´s first album release on vinyl!
Been listening alot to lately: The Radio Dept - Pet Grief, CAarme - Vita, Band of horses - Everything all the time, Filmschool - s/t

2006-05-22 Aerial video! // Popaganda
Aerial have just finished the video for Time is on fire, you can watch it online for now on Youtube and our Myspage page, a better downloadable version is coming soon AND the video is being sent out to TV soon aswell. In more Aerial news... Aerial have been forced to cancel their shows in Northern Sweden. Sucks....but Norrland is not getting out of booking this great band. We will attend the Popaganda Festival this year, you can find our latest release The Bearquartet - Saturday Night 12" LP at the record shop in the festival area.

2006-05-16 Nomethod releases // Compilation etc
We´re busy bees! Coming after the summer on Nomethod...
Mixtapes & Cellmates - If there is silence, fill it with longing EP, Mixtapes & Cellmates - TBA Album & Digital single, Aerial - TBA Album & Digital single. We are also working on a compilation CD that will be released around Christmas! Bands confirmed for the compilation are Bobby Baby, Mixtapes & Cellmates, Kuryakin, Most Valuable Players, Aerial, Tar...feathers, Echo is your love, Cat Burglar, Penny Century, We are soldiers we have guns, Otur, Audrey and KVLR...more bands will be added to the list also. Keep eyes open for more info!

2006-05-15 Mixtapes & Cellmates - C: You D: Road home out today!
That´s right! It is out now. Go get it at Klicktrack! Or over at iTunes! They are also confirmed to play Klubb Modos in Umeå on July 8th. Should be a great show, Cat Burglar are DJ:ing.

2006-05-10 Couldn´t have said it better myself
Kunde inte ha sagt det bättre själv. Annika Marklund på har helt enkelt rätt. Mixtapes & Cellmates at

2006-05-07 Mixtapes & Cellmates at
There´s a Free Mp3 of the song "A quiet evening" over at Shaktar, enjoy! Mixtapes & Cellmates also have a new website and URL. The new one is It´s raining pins, we have new Nomethod pins & new Mixtapes & Cellmates pins that are FREE with every order or just 10 Skr each. Keep ears open for Mixtapes & Cellmates on the radio, P3 Pop had the good taste to premiere C: you D: road home last week! In other Mixtapes & Cellmates news...amazing duo Cat Burglar are working on a remix, should be grand.
Click on pictures for a bigger wiew of the new pins!

2006-05-01 Aerial EU / World releasedate
The fantastic Aerial album "Black rain from the bombing" have got a releasedate in the rest of Europe/World. On August 11 this insanely good album will be in stores all over Europe & US via Hausmusik. Aerial are also working hard on their video for "Time is on fire" we hope to have it up on this site very soon! They´re also about to play some shows in Northern Sweden, Skellefteå, Piteå & hopefully Luelå willbe visited together with Appleforth. Keep eyes open for new Aerial interwiews in GROOVE Magazine and over at It´s a trap! We are expecting the Bearquartet vinyls to arrive any day also, this week definately.

2006-04-20 Mixtapes and Cellmates signed!
We are exremely proud to announce that we have signed Stockholm based Mixtapes and Cellmates! mixtapes and Cellmates released the Juno EP last year, supported Khonnor and played Emmabodafestivalen. Their new EP "If there is silence, fill it with longing" will be out on Nomethod in August. The EP contains 6 brilliant songs! Stunning pop with guitardriven soundscapes. Melancholy and hope meet and create something that actually feels real. Electronic sounds and shoegaze guitarwalls meet and create something that actually feels real. This is as good as it gets. We won´t make you wait until August though...on May 15th a teaser single is released exclusively via iTunes and Klicktrack. The song "c: you d: the road home". So this is the Mixtapes and Cellmates schedule. "c: you d: the road home" iTunes & Klicktrack 15 May
"If there is silence, fill it with longing" CDEP Augusti.

2006-04-19 Kumpels & Friends Konzerte now booking Aerial in Germany
The very nice people of Kumpels & Friends Konzerte booking agency have now taken Aerial under their wings for booking. Go ahead and contact them if you want an Aerial liveshow in Germany!

2006-04-14 BQ pins FREE with every order of the Saturday Night 12"
We now have really nice Bearquartet pins. You get one for FREE if you order the fantastic Saturday Night 12"!
Click on the picture for a bigger wiew.

2006-04-13 Aerial gets a helping hand from Luger
Aerial is now booked by Luger but we (Nomethod) and Edils Booking are sharing the responsibility aswell.

2006-04-12 The Giant´s Dream EP is now available over at It´s a trap!
US customers! The Giant´s Dream EP is now available at It´s a trap! Both in CD format and MP3 format.

2006-04-09 Aerial Black rain from the bombing now available at iTunes
This fantastic album is now available via iTunes. Go get it! In other Aerial news, a shorter string of shows are taking shape for late May. On May 24th they will play in Umeå at Scharinska Villan, at least 2 more shows in northern Sweden will be added.

2006-04-04 KVLR Swan Songs EP is out NOW via Klicktrack
Oh yes! The KVLR Swan Songs EP is now available for purchase over at Klicktrack. The actual records is on the way from the factory as we speak. Go shop at Klicktrack Now!

2006-04-03 New US Distribution!
We can now add Parasol to the list of Distributors! Parasol is definately one of the best and most long lived US mailorders/distributors of good indie music and we´re happy to work wit hthem. ALL our releases will be available there in April 18th. So...US customers, you can now PRE ORDER the Bearquartet "Saturday Night" 12" LP HERE

2006-03-30 Special Deal!
Since the Chalksounds stock is being emptied we can present you with some special deals! If you order the fantastic Aerial album "Black rain from the bombing" you will get the Chalksounds released TEWBK "If you see them tell them i love them" CD single for FREE! This is as long as they last so be quick. More about Aerial, their album is getting more great rewiews check out what Groove Magazine had to say.

2006-03-26 Aerial confirmed for the Formanova Festival
Aerial are confirmed to play the Formanova festival in Fredericia Denmark. A great festival with some of today´s most exciting music. The festival is 6-8 of July. there will be a shorter tour in the same timeperiod, we´re working on 1-9 of July right now. If you can HELP in any way please contact us.

2006-03-17 Show reminder! Aerial & The Bell Orchestre in Umeå!
Don´t forget about the show with Aerial & The Bell Orchestre in Umeå on the 22nd @ Norrlands Operan! It is the first Umeå Open night and what a night it is! David Sandström will DJ in the bar from 17.00, Aerial will go onstage at 20.00 and The Bell Orchestre will go onstage at 21.00. Tickets are 100 Skr and can be bought via Ticnet. Here´s a poster for the evening!

2006-03-14 KVLR Swan Songs a little bit delayed & BQ vinyl PRE ORDERS!
Our 4th release KVLR Swan Songs EP have been a little bit delayed due to artwork mishaps. Ovanligt...! However don´t sweat, it will be in all our hands soon enough. The Bearquartet vinyl version of Saturday Night is on it´s way, we are accepting PRE ORDERS now, this release is limited to 500 copies, yo uget the picture...act FAST.

2006-03-07 Aerial confirmed to kick off Umeå Open with The Belle Orchestre
Aerial are confirmed to start off the fantastic Umeå Open festival as opening act for the fantastic Belle Orchestre (members from Arcade Fire). The show will be held at Norrlands Operan in Umeå on March 22nd. It´s an early show, there will be DJ´s and beer from 17.00-20.00 before Aerial go onstage. Don´t miss this night! More information at the Umeå Open web. If you are in Sandviken on April 15th you should not miss Aerial playing a special show at Konsthallen. More info about the show here.

2006-03-06 Distribution Worldwide
We are very happy to announce that we have signed a distribution deal with Hausmusik. You can see a list of worldwide distributors that we work with on the information page.

2006-03-05 KVLR & The Giants Dream on Myspace
Check out KVLR & The Giant´s Dream on Myspace. &
In other news, The Giant´s Dream EP Idiomatic Allograph is available exclusively in Japan via Duotone. Moshi moshi! Aerial will play a special show in Sandviken at an art exhibition in April, more info on the show soon! Swedish venues, garages, cellars etc! Vi söker en spelning åt Aerial antingen den 16:e eller 18:e Mars i mitt-Sverige. Hör av er om ni kan hjälpa till!

2006-02-27 The Giant´s Dream release out today!
Ladies and gentlemen, today we release The Giant´s Dream - Idiomatic Allograph EP. It is 6 songs filled with cinematic bedroom electronica. Clear hints of Ned Rifle / Hal Hartley inspired sounds and with great pop sensibility we can definately call this release a sweet one. If you are into Hal Hartley, Air, Khonnor & cinematic pop you should definately check this out. Get it from Klicktrack or from our releases shop...all our non-album releases only cost 20 Skr/2 Euro/2 Usd in physical format, prices don´t get better than that. Or check out our information page for stores we deal directly with.

2006-02-23 The Bearquartet on TV & on the Radio
Do not miss The Bearquartet on Swedish Television tomorrow the 24th! The show was taped at Nalen in Stockholm. Re runs on the 25th and the 28th. P3 are also boradcasting the whole show on March 13. In other BQ news, the vinylversion of Saturday Night is going off to the pressingplant any day now, the artwork & everything was finished for the 12" version today. Aerial are playing a show in Fagersta on March 15th, QGMR are playing a show in Stockholm with great bands Wolves of the river & Chronic Heist...print this flyer and get in for a smaller fee...and The Giant´s Dream release is out in 4 days! Countdown! More news on the release soon.

2006-02-13 Aerial in the press & leftover partymerch
Check out these Aerial interviews & rewiews! More noise about the label night & pictures coming soon!
Interview Arbetarbladet (In Swedish)
Article Gefle Dagblad (In Swedish)
Västerbottens Folkblad (In Swedish)
Rewiew Gefle Dagblad (In Swedish)...a funny one, writer manages to diss KVLR and praise The Bearquartet in one sentence
Rewiew It´s a trap! (In English)

Check out the pictures from the Nomethod Labelnight!!!
We also have some lovely Nomethod bags left from the Party in Stockholm. We have around 15 left, they cost 50 Skr each or 5 Euros each (incl shipping). Want one? Email us and we´ll sort it out. You also get a Nomethod/Aerial or QGMR 1" pin for Free with the bag. (Click picture for bigger picture!)

2006-02-07 Aerial on national radio & moshi moshi Japan
Aerial will be on the great program P3 Lab on Saturday the 11th! The program starts at 20.00. You can listen to it online also. Another show for Aerial have been confirmed also, on March 17 they will be supporting Firefox AK in Linköping / Skylten. Do not miss. And as you might know by now Aerial & QGMR are playing the first Nomethod Labelnight this Saturday at Sjöhästen in Stockholm. Be there! For all you people in very cute country Japan you can now get our releases via our distributors in Japan Duotone & Linus Records!

2006-02-03 Aerial to play a string of shows & support Arab Strap
Aerial are doing some shows in February. They are playing their first show tonight in 2006 at Klubb Goo in Västerås at their opening night. On the 7th they have been confirmed to support Arab Strap at Kägelbanan in Stockholm (A show you should NOT miss). On the 10th they have their record releaseparty at Kungen in their hometown Sandviken and on the 11th they´ll play the Nomethod labelnight at Sjöhästen in Stockholm with QGMR! To round things up they play at the Art Garden in Gävle on the 18th.

2006-02-01 We have decided to start a series of limited vinyl releases
The series is called Nomethod Favourites and it´s basically as the name says...our favourite records on vinyl. Since there are labels out there that were faster, smarter, richer than Nomethod we see this as the only way to get to release all those great records that we werent around to sign...but seriously...we are extremely happy/giddy and proud to announce the first release in this series and also the 5th Nomethod release. The Bearquartet have always and always been our favourite band. Ever since we saw them at Tegsparken in Umeå maybe 15 years ago we have always followed this band and their albums. The Bearquartet have always had a very special place in the Swedish music scene, a place of their own, always acted with total integrity and always done what they wanted. Their latest album is a great example of that. So Nomethod#5 is The Bearquartet - Saturday Night on vinyl ladies and gentlemen.

2006-01-31 Aerial - Black rain from the bombing is out TODAY!
A masterpiece of indierock. Buy it now directly from our shop/mailorder or from Klicktrack in MP3 format or from It´s a trap in MP3 format. A total must for anyone into Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Mono or Motorpsycho! Black rain from the bombing will be available in a bunch of digital stores in 6-8 weeks aswell (see rantings below). You get a FREE 1" Nomethod or Aerial pin with every order! If you´re still not sure if this record is a destroyer...listen to the whole thing in our jukebox. Here are some pictures of the QGMR, Aerial & Nomethod 1" pins AND a pic of the QGMR CDEP No Language together with a Nomethod 1" pin. Shop!

2006-01-26 HQ CPU is Online again!
And what have we been up to while it has been down? Working on a number of deals. We are HAPPY to announce that we now have signed with the following digital music distributors/stores
(See full list in Information/Contact section). All our releases will be availble in in these fine places in 6-8 weeks. iTunes, Napster, RHAPSODY, MusicMatch, Audio Lunchbox, MusicNow, MSN Music Service,, Sony Connect, MusicNet, Liquid Audio, Destra, FutureTrax, Downrip, eCast, Wippit, and Musicstream. SOM SAGT check out the whole list in the Information/Contact section. For you who do not like the MP3 format we are equally happy to announce that we have signed a deal with the best digital store in Germany supporting the OGG format OGGSTAR. Woho!
2006-01-18 We will have a small glitch in updates because of a move
I.E we have no www connection at the HQ Nomethod CPU.
So we´ll try to update as much as possible right now.

# QGMR Oh yes. The EP is out and still selling! We give you free Nomethod 1" pins with every CD order. Get the MP3 release via Klicktrack & It´s a trap! Can´t wait for their shwo at the Nomethod label night!

# Stores/Mailorders! We deal direct aswell! Contact for direct orders @ wholesale prices.

# Aerial, what can i say...their album is generating alot of interest even before it´s released. Planned for Aerial "Black rain from the bombing" EU vinyl release, Swedish tour this winter/spring (anyone wanna book Aerial? We need your help! Email us They´re also playing their hometown Sandviken @ Kungen on the 10th of Feb together with Mixtapes & Cellmates. Aerial are now also confirmed to tour the UK this fall wit hthe kind help of EDILS booking Agency who has taken them under their wings!
There might be some shows in Germany & France aswell. Wanna book them? Contact EDILS Booking agency!
We want to see Aerial at the Umeċ Open festival this year, do you? Go and request them for this year festival! Vote here!
We´re also planning a video for Aerial...more info on that later.
Wanna help spread the word on the Aerial album? Spread this around!

# Merchandise...We have some nice 1" Nomethod pins that you get for free with every order (som sagt), and also some really nice canvas LP bags with te Nomethod Logo on it. They´re limited and only cost 30 SEK / 4 EUR / 4 $. They´ll be up in the shop when we get the HQ CPU online again. You can also buy them at the Nomethod label night. Aerial have new T-shirts for sale! Go to the Aerial web to order
New QGMR 1" pins and new Aerial 1" pins are also available and will be handed out at the Nomethod label night!

# We have also signed a Synchro deal with a great french company for Movies & TV. More about that later as details get to the HQ CPU.
HQ CPU needs to get online...ugh! Oh yes...before i forget. Nomethod Records new postal adress is...
Pilgatan 27
90331 Umeċ, Sweden

2006-01-13 The limited CD version of the QGMR EP is now available in selected stores (more will follow)
Panikstore (Göteborg)
Soundpollution (Stockholm)
Burmans Musik (Umeå)
Schmäck (Umeå)
Hotstuff (Online)

Get your CD copy now! It won´t be limited for long, it will be sold out.

2006-01-10 HURRAY! Our first ever lease is out TODAY:)

QGMR - No Language EP is a solid piece of work. (See praise below). Support our little label and QGMR, go order it Now! You can also get it in digital format at Klicktrack and It´s a trap! Speaking of It´s a trap...check out the praise they are giving Aerial and as a bonus go download the amazing song Time is on fire from the upcoming Aerial album Black rain from the bombing.
2006-01-09 QGMR - No Language CDEP/MP3 is out TOMORROW!
Order NOW
and get a nice Nomethod Pin! We´re giving them away as long as they last. This is the best recording QGMR ever made. Vice Magazine gave their last album 8 of 10, this is a solid 10 of 10. Det är sjukt bra. Think Van Pelt meets Shellac meets Husker Du meets Nomethod Records and you have a great EP. If you want it instantly on your computer just go and buy it at KLICKTRACK! Pictures of the FIRST Nomethod release and the pins are coming soon. Don´t forget to come and celebrate with us at Sjöhästen in Stockholm on Feb 11th!

2006-01-05 2006 is going to be the start of many good things
We have releases from QGMR, Aerial, KVLR, The Giant´s dream and a compilation also. The label night on February 11th is also coming up soon, will be great. Så fantastiskt kul! Right now you can find the KVLR release Swan Songs at the Klicktrack store for sneak peaks at the 5 songs. A truly great compilation of KVLR songs that they recorded just before dying. The 5 songs shows the diversity of the band in a great way.

2005-12-25 Christmas is over. We have some new treats!
The first Nomethod Labelnight Party! You are all invited. See info below...

Where? Stockholm @ Sjöhästen Långholmsgatan 24 (T-Hornstull)
When? February 11th
Live: QGMR & AERIAL (both bands release their nomethod debuts around that date)
DJ: Klubb Modos and friends are spinning great indie, pop, punk etc
Entrance is FREE! Be there in time though. We are giving away records at the door, stickers, pins...
See you there!
2005-12-22 ßCheck out My 2005 Top 10 that i did for It´s a trap! While you´re at it you can slo check out an album Top 30 i did for Klubb Modos...
2005-12-21 Oh wow, Oh wow! You can get some banners in the downloads section now. We are also planning a Label Night Party in Stockholm in February! Oh wow! This will be fun. We´ll let you know all the details really soon. If you want sneak peaks of The Giant´s Dream & KVLR you should go to our MYSPACE PAGE. Tjing!
2005-12-16 We want your demos! We ARE looking for bands to release/manage/publish work with in any way. So send us your demos or already recorded album/song/ep whatever. You can email us LINKS to mp3´s NOT mp3 files, reach us at or just send us CD´s the old fashioned way. Nomethod, Herrgärdan 2b, 90333 Umeå, Sweden. Our RELEASE SCHEDULE is starting to look pretty nifty, here it is.

Jan 10 nomethod#1 QGMR - No Language EP
Jan 31 nomethod#2 AERIAL - Black rain from the bombing CD
Feb 27 nomethod#3 THE GIANT´S DREAM - Idiomatic allograph EP
Mar 13 nomethod#4 KVLR - Swan Songs EP
Apr 24 nomethod#5 V/A - It´s the method of Nomethod´s Summer CD

2005-12-13 Glad Lucia! Our good friend Avi Roig runs the best Scandinavian music site QGMR No Language EP is out.

2005-12-12 So! We signed another band from Sandviken/Sweden! Actually it´s an offspring of the band Aerial but not a sideproject, some of the same people. The band is called THE GIANT´S DREAM. very low key, cinematic, electric/electronic pop music...i get the feeling of some of the better work from Air or the overall feeling you get from the Lost in translation OST oand definately Hal Hartley/Ned Rifle inspired. So damn good. Their Nomethod release will contain 6 songs. Look out for more on the release in the Mailorder/Shop page aswell as sneak listens at Klicktrack! We are aiming for a february release.

2005-12-08 The Guestbook will be up shortly. Today we got a postcard for you from Aerial! (spread it around). Btw, go to klicktrack & listen to some songs from their upcoming, mindblowing debut album "Black rain from the bombing".

2005-12-05 We have opened our website, it is still under some construction. hata data. Big thanks to Joel for loving the devil & Avi Roig for setting up our Shopping cart. Nomethod is a recordlabel, publishing company & management. Browse around and you´ll get the idea. We have our 2 first releases set! QGMR from Stockholm & Aerial from Sandviken. Two bands that are truly amazing and we hope you´ll like them. QGMR have been friends to the Nomethod for years and their latest recording was just too good to not do anything with, i´m so glad we got the 3 songs that are the No Language EP. The QGMR No Language EP will be out on January 10th. kan man säga? Aerial could be the best band i have heard for MANY years. I can´t recall a recording that made me this excited. First couple of listens to the recording was like...yes really day later i could´t stop listening to it, i´m listening to it right now. Förbannat bra. i REALLY hope there is an audience out there for Aerial...Nomethod are gonna try & find it. Definately a MUST MUST MUST have for anyone who ever liked anything with Sonic Youth, Mono, Motorpsycho (blizzard era) or anything in that genre. I think it is the best band i´ve heard doing this kind of stuff since Maybe SY´s Daydream Nation or something like that. I can´t understand why they arent one of the biggest bands in the world....ok överdrift. Men ja det är fan extremt sjukt bra. The Aerial ALBUM (4 song album) is out on my birthday...January 31. You can also buy all our releases in digital format (mp3) via the nice people at KLICKTRACK. It is cheaper yes. Men inget omslag.